GE Dishwasher Repair Tucson

GE dishwasher repair TucsonWho wants to do dishes by hand when a machine can do it for us, right? But when you need a GE dishwasher repair, Tucson knows the best place to call is Best Appliance Repair of Tucson.  We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get their dishwashers working again quickly and without needing to spend a lot of money.  And without spending days of doing dishes by hand while you wait for our service techs to come get the job done.  We can almost always come and do the repair the same day you call us, or if not, the very next day.  Because we know no one wants to be doing dishes by hand!

And while we work on all major brands of home appliances, GE dishwashers seem to be very popular in Tucson, so we are very familiar with them and the typical problems they might start giving you. That also means that if you need a new part, we’ll probably have it with us at the time of our service call.

The thing is, not all GE dishwasher problems need the attention of expert repair techs like we have at Best Appliance Repair.  In fact, there are a lot of repairs that you can probably do yourself.  If we can give you the information to help you do that… well, we feel that’s just part of our job as a kind and courteous Tucson neighbor.

So as you’ll see across our website, we have some useful, DIY type repairs that you may be able to make use of.  If your GE dishwasher is leaking or you can see that the door seal is torn or just worn out, you probably should replace it.  The good news is you can probably do it on your own, and we’ll show you how right here.

But don’t worry… if your dishwasher is giving your more complicated problems than this, just call us so we can get it fixed up right for you. [sc:phonenumber]

Today we are going to show you how to change the door seal on your dish washer. It’s a really easy job and no tools required, so go ahead and enjoy the video and learn how to do it. We’ve also included the text version for your reference, in case you find it easier to follow that way.

Now to replace this seal on this dish washer, we simply need to remove the old one first.  Just grasp one of the bottom corners and pull it out of its channel; you may want to take note of how it was fitted in there. Just peel it out all the way around, and you can discard that seal.

Now our next step will be to clean that channel out. We want to make sure it’s nice and clean and dry before we attempt to put in a new seal. So with a rag and some mop soap detergent, just wipe that all out.

Now that we have that channel completely cleaned out and its dry we are about to ready to install the gasket. One thing we should check before we go that far is to make sure that when we are closing the door that it does not rub on these two buttons. It’s a good time to do that.

Now that we’ve got the gasket out of the way, just make sure there’s equal clearance on both sides and if not, we’ll need to adjust the level legs on the front. So once we verify that, we’ll start with the grease that’s supplied with the kit.

We want around an eight inch bead all the way around that channel, and then we’ll start with the gasket with the stripe facing the outside of the tub and the flipper pointing in. We’ll start in both bottom corners just push them into place there then we’ll hit two points up at the top and slowly fit it all the way in.

Now before we install the gasket we want to make sure that we’ve gotten all of the area filled with adhesive. If there are any missed parts, make sure to fill those up and if you have any excess that slipped out over the edge just clean that up first.

Once you’ve verified that you have all the area covered, we’ll go check our gasket, make sure that we are going to be putting it in the right way. There should normally be either a white stripe or a marked stripe on the outside edge that faces away from the inner tub.

GE dishwasher door seal repairWe’ll start with the two bottom corners just tuck that just to the bottom. We don’t want it to go underneath the door and make sure we have no twist in it. The opposite side, open one of the upper corners and then we’ll do the opposite corner. Now then just slowly start feeding it in the rest of the way around. Push it all the way into the channel. Now if you managed to put in a little too much adhesive in any spot, it should squeeze out so I want to make sure that we wipe up any excess.

Once we’ve made sure that we’ve removed any excess adhesive, we are ready to close the door up and we’ll latch it shut. Make sure it’s not in a cycle and we’ll leave it closed for at least 24 hours for that adhesive to cure, and then we’ll be ready to use it again, just like the good ol’ machine you remember before you needed a GE dishwasher repair.