GE Refrigerator Repair Tucson

GE refrigerator repair TucsonWhen it comes to finding someone for a GE Refrigerator Repair in Tucson, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.  Without wanting to toot our own horn about how good we are on all kinds of brands (we are!), GE refrigerators are probably what we see more than any other here in Tucson.  That means that we know it even better than usual!

One of the more common issues we come across is that of a faulty or failing defrost thermostat.  So if you find that your GE fridge isn’t cooling like it used to, or maybe that the freezer isn’t defrosting the way you think it should, you’re not alone and chances are pretty good that putting in a new defrost thermostat will resolve your problem.  This is something that we can do for your quite easily.  With that being said though, in this article we’ll take a peek at how it’s actually done.

Today we’re going to show you how to put a defrost thermostat in your side by side fridge; it’s a pretty easy job and you don’t need too many tools.  Just a pair of wire strippers, a quarter inch nut driver with a magnetic bit on it, a little electrical tape and a couple of wire marettes. Let’s have a look at how it’s done.

First step in this repair is to disconnect the power supply to the refrigerator. Once we have it unplugged, we need to get into the freezer section and open the door.

Now to make this job a little easier we need to remove these shelves and the basket on the bottom. The defrost thermostat is located right in about here so we need to pick those out of the way and take that evaporator cover panel off of there, then we can access the defrost thermostat.

Now that we’ve got the shelves out of the way the next thing we need to remove is the light cover; there’s a couple of tabs on either side, press them inward.  There are also a couple on the bottom, so just lift those up. Two on the bottom and two on the sides. The top ones fit up in those two slots. We’ll remove the light bulbs too. Now we need to remove the bottom air deflector, and it has a couple tabs on each side on the top and two more down in here. It’s merely a matter of lifting it up and it should come out of there.

These are the two hooks on the top, and the two on the bottom. the top ones slide in, and the bottom ones hook into those. Now we need to take these four quarter inch hex head screws out. Now, we can pull down slightly and there’s a couple of tabs at the top of this evaporator cover that have to clear these light bulbs. If we bend it gently we should be able to clear those. Once we’ve got those cleared we can lift up on it slightly, tilt it out on the left hand side, and lift it out of the way.

That exposes our evaporator; these things are very sharp so be careful working around those. The defrost thermostat is located right in here. What we’ll need to do is unclip that from the tubing and we’re going to cut the pink wire and the one orange one that goes to that thermostat. Put in our new one and crimp the wires together, and put it back together.

Now that we’ve got the evaporator cover removed and have access to the defrost thermostat, which is located right in here. It’s possible your refrigerator may be completely blocked up with ice and frost in this area, so just let it melt before you go any farther.

That defrost thermostat is clipped on to the evaporator tubing which is an aluminum tubing, you don’t want to really pull too hard on that or work it around in case you poke a hole in that tubing. This particular GE refrigerator has a spring type clip that’s a little difficult to see and to get to it. You need your two hands, disengage the clip, rotate it around, pull it off of the tubing as gently as possible. You can see where the tubing lays across this surface here, and that clip holds it in place. The tubing would have went right through the middle here. It’s just a matter of pushing this apart to separate it, then unwrapping it from the tubing.

Now that we’ve got that done we can pull that harness down enough to access the orange wire that we need to cut, and the pink one. Simply snip those off, strip the insulation on the wire back about half an inch. We’ll do the same to our new thermostat which has a slightly different clip on it, it just depresses, and it’s a spring type clip that just presses onto that tubing.

Now that we have the insulation stripped back from the wires, time to murrett them together.  Put the same amount of copper in each wire, thread the murrett on clock wise, nice and tight, take a little bit of electrical tape, tape that connection to keep any moisture from the freezer from getting into it. Now that our wire connections are secure we’re ready to install the freezer’s defrost thermostat on the tubing.

Simply locate it in the center on that back piece of aluminum tubing, clip it gently onto it, then we’ll rearrange the wires and pull them out of the way. Now that we have the defrost thermostat clamped into place and our wires are tucked up out of the way, we’re ready to put the evaporator cover back on, so we’ll tuck that in right hand side first keeping it up above the freezer drain pan, locate it along the left, let it drop down, and we’ll try to work with it underneath the light sockets. Those two little tabs on top of the evaporator cover line up with the little plastic tabs on the light bracket, lift it up into place, make sure the screw holes line up, reinstall out quarter inch hex head screws, reinstall the light bulbs, and the shield for the light bulbs. We’ll locate those two tabs at the bottom, and put them into place.

Now we’re ready for the bottom air deflector. To reinstall the air deflector on the bottom we need to engage these two tabs into these two hooks here, it will be the last thing we put in, first of all we’ll slide these two notches in behind these two tabs. Once the top is secure reach in behind and hook the bottom on. Now it’s in place and we’re ready to put our shelves in. After reinstalling the shelving, our repair on this GE refrigerator is complete.