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When you need a refrigerator repaired in Tucson, we understand that it’s usually not something you can wait around on to have fixed.  The last thing you want is to have all that food in your fridge go bad while you’re waiting to have a repair technician come out and diagnose (and hopefully FIX!) the problem.

That’s why at Tucson Appliance Masters, we do our best to schedule all repair appointments, but especially refrigerator repair appointments, the same day whenever possible.

There are certain things that can you may be able to do yourself, to either avoid problems arising, troubleshoot an existing problem with your fridge, or sometime even do some repairs yourself.  We’ll share a few of the more simple fridge repair issues here on this website for you, in case it might be helpful.

But remember, especially with newer, more high-tech refrigerators, some things really need to be handled by an expertly trained, professional technician.  That’s what Best Refrigerator Repair is all about.  We help however we can.

With that being said, feel free to look around our site to see if we have covered the specific issue you’re having with your refrigerator problems.  If you feel confident in your DIY abilities, have a go.  If not… feel free to call us any time.

You can see our list of articles here on refrigerator repair on the right side of this page. Here’s our original, basic DIY refrigerator repair article that you may find helpful…

Refrigerator Repair – Basic Fixes For 3 Very Common Issues

I think anyone would be hard pressed to argue the idea that your refrigerator is the hardest working appliance in your home. After all, it’s working non-stop to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool for you, right? The thing is, when things go wrong, you’re going to have a serious issue to deal with, namely food spoilage.

There are any number of problems that can occur with a refrigerator to cause it to start giving you problems. The good news though is that not all of them will require an expensive service call to get them remedied. All it takes is a few simple observations and possible changes to your daily habits, along with a few minor tweaks to be able to handle a few common refrigerator issues.

One of the more common problems we hear about is that the refrigerator is cycling too much.  In other words, it keeps kicking on over and over again, way more than it should.  If this sounds like what you’re dealing with, here are some suggestions.

Refrigerator Repair Tucson - dusty coils

Tucson refrigerator coils covered in dust

First, you should check to see if perhaps the condenser coils are covered in dust if it seems that your fridge is working a lot harder than it used to. If you you have pets in the house, then their hair is also likely to be gathering up on the coils. All that hair and dust on the coils makes it harder for them to cool off (like a big winter coat! ), and that in turn will make your fridge work harder than it needs to.

You can use the hose extension on your vacuum to gently remove hair and dust. To help keep your coils clean in the future you can try this trick – cover the vent panel with something like old pantihose material. It keeps the debris and dust off the coils but still allows air to circulate and cool things down as they should.

If the coils are clean and the fridge feels overheated, it’s time to bring in an appliance repair pro, of course.

Another frequent issue we hear about when we make house calls is regarding the freezer door always opening whenever the refrigerator door gets closed.  While not usually the reason for the service call, it’s something that we get asked about because it baffles so many people.

Suffering from this seemingly strange refrigerator problem is something that is both frustrating as well as surprisingly common. While it surprises some people, the explanation is actually quite simple.

Since your whole refrigerator/freezer is designed to be air tight, when the bigger fridge door gets slammed shut, it pushes a lot of air through the vent system. The vent goes to the freezer, and the air pressure pushes on the freezer door and simply pops it open. It’s less likely because the freezer door is lighter than the fridge compartment door, even though the same thing can happen in reverse.

freezer door gasket repair Tucson

freezer door gasket repair

Check that the gaskets on both doors are fully sealing, before you call a technician for refrigeration repair. Also, rather than slamming the doors shut, you can make sure that the front of your fridge is slightly higher than the rear so that gravity will help swing the doors closed for you. You can also place some heavy items in the freezer door to help keep it closed.

Finally, we’ve all seen this, but some of us have to deal with it on a regular basis in our own refrigerators – massive build-up of ice or frost covering the interior of our freezer and shrinking the usable space.

Any time a fridge freezer starts getting over loaded with ice and frost, it is often a sign that there’s a door seal leak. If the cold air just keeps seeping out of a poorly sealed door, think of just how much harder your freezer has to work. It is no surprise that the fridge is working overtime, using considerably more electricity than it needs to and accumulating frost and ice.

What you want to do is check for things like gaps, holes or tears in the gasket going around the door by doing a careful visual inspection. Sometimes there will be something actually inside the freezer compartment that is preventing the door from closing all the way. You may just need to organize your items a bit better if that’s the case.

Some freezer doors just need an extra nudge to make sure they close all the way, and if you’re not careful about checking that each time you open it, that could be the issue. After you’ve assessed all these things – you’re sure the seal is good, and the door is always closed all the way – then it might be time to call in a professional refrigerator repair technician to have a look at things for you.

As you can see, there are certain issues with a refrigerator that you can likely address on your own. However, if there are bigger issues at hand such as leaks or a general warming within your fridge or freezer causing your food to not stay cool, then you should probably just go ahead and call a professional refrigerator repair company to come have a look. The problem might lie in the fan, the cooling system, the compressors, the condenser coils, or a number of other components, and you don’t want to damage your fridge beyond repair by trying to fix it yourself. A repair professional will have the skill and the experience to solve the problem for you.

Here’s a great video on doing some refrigerator repair that you may find interesting

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I just wanted to give a shout-out to Ben from Tucson Appliance Masters for helping us out with our fridge repair this morning. Not sure what would have happened if he hadn’t been able to come until Wednesday like the first guy I called told me.

Thanks again Ben!
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