Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair Tucson

As far as brands go, in Tucson Whirlpool washing machines are among the more popular ones we’ve seen.  So today we’re going to show you how to change the drain pump on Whirlpool washing machine Tucson! It’s a really easy job. All we are going to need is a Phillips screw driver and a 5/16th nut driver. And even though today we’re dealing with a Whirlpool washing machine, this repair is pretty standard across most other brands as well.

Whirlpool washing machine repair Tucson

Whirlpool washing machine repair Tucson

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Now before we begin this Whirlpool washer repair, the first thing we should do is disconnect the power to the washer. Simply pull the plug from the receptacle. Now the first step in this repair will be to remove the front panel. There are two Phillips screws, about an inch in from either side just under that lip. So either with a stubby Phillips screw driver or pull the machine forward enough so that you can tilt it back and remove those two screws.

Once we’ve removed the two screws, we’ll pull the front panel out at the bottom and tilt it down to disconnect the two spring clips at the top. Now we can set that aside.

Now that we have the front panel removed, we see that the pump is located in the right front corner so we will remove the two clamps for the inlet hose and the outlet hose.  Now these styles of clamps require loosening the screw first and then giving them a sort of bump to loosen them. And then just pull the clamp out of the way. There will be water in both of these hoses, so either have a towel handy or a bucket to catch the excess water in.

Now that the hose is removed, our next step will be to pull the washer far enough forward that we can tilt it back and lean it up against the wall or have somebody support it while you remove these screws and hold the pump to the base.

Next, we’ll roll the pump belt off, set that aside, and then we’ll remove three 5/16th screws and simply lift the old pump up through the hole.  We need to twist it a bit to get the pulley to come out through and discard the old pump.

To install our new one, we’ll do the reverse to that and tuck the pulley down in first. Make sure that we have the pump orientated in the right direction, so that the outlet is facing the back of the cabinet, and then install the three screws. Now we won’t tighten these screws tight until we’ve made an adjustment on the pump belt. Just leave enough slack that the pump will slide side to side, relatively easily.

Now before we put the belt back on, we’ll inspect it to make sure it’s not glazed or burnt in any spot.  If it is, it will need to be replaced and you need to replace it with the original manufacturer’s equipment.

Slide the belt onto the motor pulley, roll it on to the pump pulley and our adjustment will be the distance between the two sides of the belt as we squeeze it together and pull the belt in to about a quarter of an inch gap between it at the center, and that’s where we’ll tighten the pump up. The pump belt is meant to be fairly loose; it doesn’t require a lot of power to drive that pump. And if you over-tighten it, it will cause the drive belt to be loose, and it won’t spin properly. So just snug those up, recheck our adjustment, and then about a quarter of inch space there we should see the motor start to move.

Tighten all three screws securely and now we can stand the washer back up straight. We’ll reinstall the inlet and outlet hoses. If either of the clamps are rusted they should be replaced at that point and make sure you have them pointed in a direction where you can loosen them or tighten them.

Now once the clamps are tightened, we’re ready to put the front panel back on. Now to install the front panel, we’ll hook these two spring clips up on to the top with the panel tilted forward, and then just hinge it back into place, keeping an upward pressure on the panel, then we can install the two screws.  These screws go in at about a 45 degree angle. So we either going to need a stubby Phillips screw driver or start them by hand and then tilt the machine back to give yourself enough room to put a regular screw drivers on. Make sure they are good and tight, so that the front panel doesn’t rattle.

Now we’re ready to reconnect the power and our Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair is complete. Well done Tucson!  We told you it was an easy job.  And if you need any parts for your repair, we suggest www.PartSelect.com.